Respect, Discretion & Consent
Consent is monitored and enforced!

Matt answer some F.A.Q.

Can anyone attend Club M4?

Club M4 is a private club, and you must become a member to attend.

How do I become a member?

Memberships can ONLY be obtained at the club and give you access to the club facilities and are valid for one full year, and once you have it, you are still required to pay the door fee.

Is Club M4 on-premise or off-premise?

Club M4 is an on-premise lifestyle club with 10k square feet of a fully licensed bar, lounge, dance floor, and play area.

Are we required to have sex?

No. Everything is consensual and moves at your own pace; only do things you are comfortable with.

Do people hook up at the Club?

Yes. We are an on-premise club and play is allowed on-site.

Can we just watch?

Yes, both voyeurism and exhibitionism are legitimate parts of the lifestyle.

What type of people attend?

Swingers are like everyone else. We come in all shapes, sizes, ages, and ethnicities. Club M4 is known as the most accepting and friendly club in the GTA. We will welcome you!

Do you provide condoms and are they required?

Condoms are everywhere in the play areas of the club and are free of charge. While we can’t regulate everyone’s sex practices, we strongly advise you to practice safe sex.

Do you have lockers and change areas?

Yes, we have 196 lockers, many of them floor-to-ceiling lockers. We also have showers and vanity areas. Our locker room compares favorably to an upscale health club.

Are single men allowed?

Single men are allowed at all parties with the exception of Saturday nights and NYE.

How about single women?

Yes. Single women are always welcome at the club.

Do you have regular bar service?

Yes! The AGCO fully licenses the club and the club is equipped with two bars where beverages can be purchased.

What is the dress code?

Club M4 is an upscale club that caters to open-minded couples and singles. We expect our members to dress appropriately. Business casual is recommended for men and sexy club wear for women. If you are new to the club approach it as though you are on a first date; dress to impress! We know that fashions are constantly changing but we reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone who is not dressing in the spirit and standards of Club M4. This means that anyone wearing:

  • track pants/sweatpants
  • tracksuits
  • athletic wear
  • hoodies
  • flip flops

will be turned away at the door. Help us keep Club M4 classy so please refrain from wearing the above-mentioned apparel and gear.

We are a young/new couple, will we fit in?

Yes! Every person attending is given a tour of the club to answer any questions you might have. We also host a young swingers meet and mingle once per month. Visit 4yss.com and learn more. You can also check the tab on the top of the page for YSS Events.