1:00pm to 7:00pm

$10 Couples, $40 Single Men, Single Females Free


HUMP DAY – Afternoon Party Wednesdays 1-7pm 

$10 Couple $40 Single Men Make this day a reality. It’s the Club M4 version of Hump Day and we sure you will like ours better. This play party is for Non Monogamous, Poly People and the Curious! LGBT Super Friendly. A hosted mixing and mingling opportunity with ice breaker games. For ladies whose mind is open, not necessarily their legs. For single modern guys who are down with modern women with a twist. Hump Day House Rules / Activities Matchmaking & Socializing Dirty Board Games Naked Guitar Hero (or Nearly Naked) No Wanking, Spiked Coffee and Blender Beverages on special

Bi Nights! Every Wednesday

A true sexual adventure!  (9pm to 2am)

$20 for Couples and Free for Single Females
$50 / Single Guys

Bi Play Wednesday is an opportunity for all sexual orientations/ genders to enjoy an inclusive night out. Straight, Bi, Tran,  Pan Everyone comes out to play! Coloured wristbands are a great icebreaker and show others what you’re looking for (Pink: Seeking Women, Blue: Seeking Men, Green: Bi/Openminded, etc). Join us Wednesdays 9pm-2am