3:00pm to 7:00pm (NEW HOURS)

$10 Couples, $40 Single Men, Single Females Free


Sex in the Afternoon Play Parties Wednesdays at Club M4

Did you ever want to leave work early and/or do something exciting and sexual after work? Here is the perfect suggestion: come to Club M4 for our Sex in the Afternoon Play Party. This is the ideal after work rendezvous, see you there.

New times are now from 3pm to 7pm.


$10 /Couples, $40 /Single Male

Single Females Free

Bi Nights! Every Wednesday

A true sexual adventure!  (9pm to 2am)

$20 for Couples  Free for Single Females
$60 / Single Guys

Bi Night Wednesdays are an opportunity for anyone to explore their bi-curious or bi-sexual desires at their own pace without judgment. Everyone is welcome to attend and delve into their own options. Find out if the best of both worlds is something that interests you.  It’s always a great night to make new friends and meet potential playmates.


Join us Wednesday Nights 9pm-2am