3:00pm to 7:00pm (NEW HOURS)

$10 Couples, $40 Single Men, Single Females Free



Sex in the Afternoon Play Parties Thursdays at Club M4

Did you ever want to leave work early and/or do something exciting and sexual after work? Here is the perfect suggestion: come to Club M4 for our Sex in the Afternoon Play Party. This is the ideal after work rendezvous, see you there.

New times are now from 3pm to 7pm.


$10 /Couples, $40 /Single Male

Single Females Free

Club M4 Location

2814 Lake Shore Blvd. West

Toronto, Ontario

647-430-7975   or



Club M4 Presents Cougar Thursday Nights

It’s the purrfect night to meet and play. Girls just love to have fun

$20 for Couples!
Single Women always FREE!
Single Guys – $50

Tushy Thursdays Held on The 3rd Thursday of Every Month (With the exception of April 2019 where the event will be held on April 11th)



 Mella’s Thursday Evening Party At Club M4:

 Don’t miss this once a month fun night. Get your tushies down there! 

 Hot Shot Chocolates will be selling TUSHY inspired yummy chocolates @ 10pm.

 Brass Vixens will perform a TUSHY inspired pole dance at 10:30pm.

 Always fun! Everyone welcome! Meet at the hottest swingers club in Ontario.

Tushy Party Dates

Oct 11th

Nov 8th

Dec 13th 

Starting in Jan 2019 Tushy Thursday will be held on the 3rd Thursday of Every Month (With the exception of April where is will be held on the 2nd Thursday April 11th)


Facebook: Mella Tora

Café Desire: Mella Tora


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