Friday Nights

Friday nights at M4 are without question the busiest in Toronto. You will often find more people at M4 than all of the other clubs combined. Why are Friday nights so popular?

1) Theme. Threesome Friday Nights at M4 are attractive to both couples and singles. Couples can look for other couples for a foursome or hook up with a single girl or guy for a very hot threesome. Singles can meet other singles or play with the many couples looking  for mfm or fmf.

2) Price. There is always a great discount at the club if you arrive before 10pm. $20 for couples (Before 10pm) $40 After 10pm. There is also a $20 savings for single guys prior to 10pm. HOWEVER SOME SPECIAL EVENTS HAVE SPECIAL PRICING. Many nights there will be 100 people in the club before 10pm.

3) Excitement. M4 is where the real swingers come to play. We have been in the lifestyle for a long time and are on premise swingers. The club is built and designed to for people who like sex and want to have a lot of it.

4) Acceptance. M4 is known as the friendliest and most accepting club in all of North America. The culture of our club is accept and celebrate the differences in other human beings. While we are not the club for everyone, everyone is welcome.

5) The Last Friday of Every month is Chatters Night where the club easily gets between 250 & 300 people. This is one of our wildest and busiest nights. As an added bonus for Chatters nights, anyone booking their room at the Super 5 Inn will receive a free Limo Ride to and from Club M4. When booking your room make sure that you mention you are with the Club M4 group and you will receive a special hotel rate.

Super 5 Inn Hotel (5 Minutes from Club M4)

2171 Dundas East

Mississauga, Ontario

905 624-6424