After 11 wonderful years at 2814 Lakeshore Club M4 has moved!   The new address is 1989A Dundas St East, Mississauga.  THE GRAND OPENING NIGHTS WERE SPECTACULAR WITH RECORD ATTENDANCE!!  The new club is larger, more centrally located, with better parking and a long term lease.  It is a significant UPGRADE from 2814 Lake Shore.  I think that you will be very impressed with what we have done with the space. It is the culmination of more than a decade of experience combined with a physical layout which lends itself to the lifestyle. Here are a couple of specifics about the club:  1) It is 10,000 square feet.  A little bit bigger than M4. 2) There is ample free parking. 3) We are at the intersection of Dundas and the 427, a major crossroads, yet the club is set back so that there is no street visibility.    4) We are no longer in the basement.  The club is a ground floor location!  Woohoo!!! 5) There are four reasonably priced hotels within walking distance of the club.  6) We are about a 10 minute drive from the old location and closer and more convenient for the majority of our customers. 7) We have a long term lease, more than 9 years. For those of you wondering about the transition to Dundas: We hope to make it as seamless as possible and not be closed any night. We will be open on Lakeshore until the day we move.  The Grand Opening is Friday and Saturday the 14th and 15th of June.  Thursday June 13th will be the last night at 2814 Lakeshore…… We are sad to move but anxious and excited about the new location.  Remembering how many mistakes I made in June of 2008 I approach this move with trepidation but cautious optimism.  We know a lot more but each situation is different and I hope you will give us the time to make changes and adjustments to the new location.  To read more on how about the background and journey to our new location click on this link:    NEARBY HOTELS Here is a list of the closest Hotels near the club. I have also listed the ones which offer our members a discount rate. Both hotels are reasonable with a nice decor and are clean. Monte Carlo 1886 Dundas East  905 273-9500  (Ask for the Club M4 Rate) Super 5 Inn 2171 Dundas East  905-624-6424 (Ask for the Club M4 Rate)  Gate Inn  1938 Dundas East    905-276-9999   (Ask for the Club M4 Rate)LoyaltyProgram2019Revision





Couples Membership Deal

Couples Membership Deal



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