Club M4

Why Club M4?

ClubM4 was created BY swingers FOR swingers. It is a carefully designed club built from scratch based upon our 17 years in the lifestyle and the best things we have learned from visiting over 60 other clubs around the world.

We are on premise people and have built the club to make your on premise experience one of the best in Canada.

Everything at the club was designed with a purpose, whether it is the huge locker room with floor to ceiling lockers, the oversized playrooms which can accommodate multiple couples, the group room which sits in the center of the play area to maximize the voyeuristic and exhibitionist experience or just the cold bottle of water that we hand you as you leave the club after a full night of play…

We have now been open almost 7 years and every year we have been the Canada’s leader in creating new and different experiences for ALL types of swingers.

So if you want to visit a club that knows and cares about you having a great time…

ClubM4 is the place to play!

Toronto’s #1 Swingers Club!

Seven Years: The History of Club M4

This June ClubM4 will have been open for seven years. As we approach our anniversary, I thought I would write down some of the history of the club, our trials, tribulations, the lengthy process we went through to get open and some of the reasons that we have evolved in the way that we have. I hope you enjoy reading it and enjoy the club.  It is our baby and was created with hard work, heartache and love!

It was late May 2008, about two weeks before we were to open and I had a call from Mike, my contractor: “You’re not going to believe this but there are about 500 people outside the club on  Lakeshore Blvd. protesting!”

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