A lot of people who come to the club have profiles there – and it’s a great place to meet people and find out about events at the club.

You can also view all of our FAQ’s below!


Where can I find out more information about the club?
Sign up at www.menageaquatre.com.

Can anyone attend Menage a Quatre?
Club M4 is a private club, and you must become a member to attend.

How do I become a member?
You must sign a statement agreeing to abide by the rules and regulations of the club.
Membership can be obtained at the club and gives you access to the club facilities. Membership costs $20. Non-members will not be allowed into the club. Memberships can be purchased at the door. Once you have membership, you will still need to pay door fees on certain nights.

Does membership on www.menageaquatre.com give me membership at the club?
No. Even if you have membership on the website, you still need to sign up for membership at the club.

Is Menage a Quatre on-premise or off-premise?
Menage a Quatre is an “on-premise” lifestyle club with approximately 5000 square feet dedicated to play area. The on-premise area includes a lounge with a full bar.

Do I have to be Naked to come into the Club?
No! You will be surprised by how “normal” the club is. We have 10,000 square feet and 5000 of those feet are bar, dance floor, DJ area and lounge. If you want to go into the play area, we do require that you change into a towel or lingerie to do so.

Are we required to have Sex?
Again, of course not. Everything is consensual and you should move at your own pace and only do things with which you are both comfortable.

Do People Hook Up at the Club?
Yes. We are an on premise club and play is allowed on site.

Can We Just Watch?
Yes, both voyeurism and exhibitionism are legitimate parts of the lifestyle.

I’m a little overweight. Will I fit in?
Yes! Swingers are like everyone else. We come in all shapes, sizes and ages. ClubM4 is known as the most accepting and friendly club in Toronto. We will welcome you!

Do you provide condoms and are they required?
Condoms are everywhere in the play areas of the club and are free of charge. While we can’t regulate everyone’s sex practices, we STRONGLY advise you to practice safe sex. Almost all of our members practice safe sex and will absolutely not play without protection.

Do You Have Lockers and Change Areas?
Yes, we have over 150 lockers, many of them floor to ceiling lockers. We also have showers and a vanity

How much does it cost to attend?
For member couples it is usually $20 per couple during the week. On Friday night it is free for couples before 10pm and $20 per couple after 10pm. On Saturday nights it is $30 for couples before 10pm and $50 per couple after 10pm. (Saturday nights are strictly for Couples & Single Females).  For single men, it is $50 during the week and $70 on Friday and Sunday nights. $20 discounts are available on the weekends for men who arrive before 10pm. Single women are free every night of the week.

Are single men allowed?
Single men are permitted every night except Saturdays.

How about single women?
Yes.  Single women are always welcome at the club.

What are your hours?
We open at 9pm 7 nights a week. We close at 2am during the week and 3am on weekends.

We also have afternoon parties every Saturday and Sunday as well as on most holidays and the hours for those events are 3pm to 7pm

Our Wednesday afternoon party runs 1pm to 5pm

Do you have regular bar service?
Yes! The club is fully licensed by the AGCO and the club is equipped with two bars where beverages can be purchased.

Do I have to dress to theme?
Dressing to theme is fun but absolutely not required.

What is the dress code?
Dress to impress! A strict dress code is not enforced. Women typically wear sexy clothing – men dress in ‘business casual’. Weeknights tend to be more casual than weekends.

What are the rules of the club?
The first thing to remember is that everything is consensual. Always ask before acting! If someone is not interested, respect their wishes. No means no is a common theme of the lifestyle. The club is based upon three principals: Respect, discretion and consent.
Menage a Quatre – Toronto’s #1 Swingers Club!